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We are a travel company comprised of adventure filmmakers and photographers, providing you with the inspiration and directions to carve a path of unique undiscovered adventure.
What's up! I'm Harrison Tarabella. I am a filmmaker and photographer from Fairhope, Alabama. Other than my flaming red hair, I am known for my spontaneous outdoor adventures and climbing anything scalable around me. I have driven over 30,000 miles on cross-country road trips in the past year and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Whether you are looking for a day-trip travel buddy or a weeklong road trip, I am your guy! Traveling to Iraq, Turkey, Cayman Islands and Italy have inspired my future adventures abroad and I hope to be heading over to Malaysia at the end of this year.
My name is Matt Kimble, and I am a filmmaker, photographer and all around cameraman from Birmingham, Alabama. For the last seven years, I’ve traveled across forty US states, the Pacific Ocean, and Europe with my camera as a freelance filmmaker and photographer capturing and sharing all of my travels. The time I’ve spent traveling and documenting our lush, diverse planet has been a wild ride and I have absolutely been loving every minute of it. I’ve met some amazing people and made some lasting memories along this journey. I am currently honored to serve as the Media Director for Awakening Evangelism, a ministry based in Mobile, Alabama.
instagram @matthewkimble
Hey! I'm Jonny Micay. I am an aspiring nomad, filmmaker and photographer from Toronto, Canada. I have a passion for capturing beautiful moments and sharing the inspiring stories of the many people I meet during my travels abroad. I have traveled to 20 countries and hope to double that number in my lifetime. I also enjoy ice hockey, Wes Anderson Movies, and a solid bowl of Pho. I have chosen to follow in the footsteps of my dad, he is also a travel filmmaker and photographer. We are currently in Nepal shooting a documentary for a recognized NGO. My dad has inspired me to constantly immerse myself in new cultures and learn from the unique perspectives these people can bring to life.
instagram @jonnymicay
Ayoo, I'm Tyler Cave. I am from the beautiful city of Victoria on Vancouver Island. A couple years ago I finished my degree in criminology, but, soon after I caught the travel bug and my life changed course. I quickly found my passion for film and photography and have since been traveling around the world, working with tourism boards and brands as a travel videographer. I am excited to continue to create visual stories that will inspire others to get out and live their own adventures. A few spots I plan to check off my bucket list this year are Sri Lanka, Cuba, Montenegro, and Africa.
What's Up! I am Tyson Lieth. I am a filmmaker based in the Gold Coast of Australia and have traveled to many of the largest cities in the world. The excitement and energy surrounding urban culture has inspired my passion to capture the most thrilling moments of life. I love the work I do and have been lucky to be able to share the stories of top brands and people around the world. My goal as a filmmaker is to inspire others to live a life that is creative, passionate and always seeking adventure. I am looking forward to this years upcoming travels to Vanuatu, New Zealand, Bali and multiple adventures across the US.
instagram @shotbytyse
Hey! I'm a filmmaker and traveler living in London, UK. When I'm not creating films I'm trying to figure out how to jump on a plane and go travel. I truly believe that by travelling we can have experiences that can change our life and make us see the world in a different way. Right now, I’m in film school and my goal, through my films, is to tell a story that can connect and inspire my audience. Traveling doesn't have to be your entire life, but it can be a huge part of it!
instagram @ilanlampl
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