100 Hours In Abu Dhabi 

By Tyler Cave for Etihad Airways, Tourism Abu Dhabi & Filmemacher Deutschland

I recently went to Abu Dhabi for the Falcon Lens Awards sponsored by Etihad Airways, Tourism Abu Dhabi and Filmemacher Deutschland. We had 100 hours in the city to make a 100 second video. There were 20 competitors competing for a grand prize of 15 thousand Euros. This is my video and the 1st place prize! Areas we went to included Yas Island, Yas Marina Circuit, The louvre, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Nurai Island, sand duning in the desert and many other areas! If you plan to visit Abu Dhabi and are curious what to do or where to go, there is a lot to do and you won’t be disappointed with the activities and culture to see.

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