Roxy Facer

Home-base: O’ahu, HI 

“We are not garbage collectors, we are filmmakers. We are thieves. We get away with loot from the most beautiful or the most scary or the most spectacular places that you can ever find.” -Werner Herzog

This is something that has resonated with me throughout all my travels and experiences in this industry. I feel that I’ve been able to fill my life with treasures and gems that are truly unquantifiable.



Fuel | Punta De Mita

3 days & 3 nights of detox, retox & repeat at the W Hotel’s Punta De Mita property.

Shot & edited by: Roxy Facer

EXAMPLE OF WORK | North Shore Shark Adventures


Swimming With Sharks in Oahu, HI

We left the Island of Oahu and cruised 2 miles out to sea to cage dive with these wild sharks! North Shore Shark Adventures took us through an exciting and awe-inspiring encounter with these graceful creatures.

Shot & Edited by: Roxy Facer

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