Christian Sorensen Hansen

Home-base: Seatle & Los Angeles 

I am a director and photographer best known for capturing raw, real, unfiltered moments. I divide my time between Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest, and have always been a west-coaster at heart, having grown up in the world of advertising to two graphic designer parents in Seattle. After graduating from film school, I spent my time working on a movie in Bollywood, where I travelled India and developed my wanderlust. I travel a lot, and on these adventures, wether I am sweating up steep and tortuous cliffs to find ideal locations, or sampling regionally fermented hops and ailments, I always find harmonizing palettes to match my bearings.

EXAMPLE OF WORK | Travel Oregon


7 Wonders of Oregon – Anthem

This anthem was created for Travel Oregon’s 7 Wonders of Oregon Campaign in 2014.

Directed by: Christian Sorensen Hansen

EXAMPLE OF WORK | Passion Project



A celebration of travel —photographed over a period 6 years all over the world, shot entirely on an iPhone.

Written & Directed by: Christian Sorensen Hansen

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